How To Use Environment Variables In Docker Compose File

If I want to use different credentials on different servers, environment variables work great with docker compose. version: "3.7" services: redis: image: redis:latest ports: - 6379:6379 command: ["redis-server", "--appendonly", "yes"] volumes: - redis-data:/data redis-commander: image: rediscommander/redis-commander:latest environment: - REDIS_HOSTS=local:redis:6379 - HTTP_USER=${REDIS_USER:-admin} - HTTP_PASSWORD=${REDIS_PASSWORD:-qwerty} ports: - 8081:8081 depends_on: - redis volumes: …

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Introducing the InfoSec colour wheel — blending developers with red and blue security teams.

As a developer turned security person, I’ve learnt first-hand how important it is for all teams to work together, more than just DevSecOps. It’s time to include and blend developers into our Infosec circle. Current state of Information Security  Red and Blue Teams In the realm of information security, there tend to …

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