How To Use Environment Variables In Docker Compose File

If I want to use different credentials on different servers, environment variables work great with docker compose. version: "3.7" services: redis: image: redis:latest ports: - 6379:6379 command: ["redis-server", "--appendonly", "yes"] volumes: - redis-data:/data redis-commander: image: rediscommander/redis-commander:latest environment: - REDIS_HOSTS=local:redis:6379 - HTTP_USER=${REDIS_USER:-admin} - HTTP_PASSWORD=${REDIS_PASSWORD:-qwerty} ports: - 8081:8081 depends_on: - redis volumes: …

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An Introduction to Docker and How It is Important for Sysadmins

Ever since Docker went live in early 2013 it’s had a love-hate relationship with programmers and sysadmins. While some ‘experienced’ developers that I’ve talked to have a strong dislike for containerization in general (more on that later), there’s a reason why a lot of major companies including eBay, Twitter, Spotify …

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