Crypto Derivatives: A Precursor

Derivatives are changing. And the future of Futures is unfolding at a rapid pace.  In traditional spot and derivatives markets, recent trends in user experience such as zero fee trades, robo advisors, and high yield brokerage accounts are becoming commonplace. Younger demographics like millennials, who started working during the great recession, are now able …

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Who Owns Bitcoin?

Important Questions About Crypto-Asset Ownership that can be Answered by Analyzing Blockchain Datasets Understanding counterparties is one of the arts of trading in capital markets. The investor composition of a given asset in terms of demographics, trading activity and even sentiment can be important indicators to predict the behavior of …

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Six Indian SaaS Products To Watch in 2020

If you walk around South India today, especially Chennai, you’ll see how Indian Entrepreneurs are centralising themselves towards SaaS. Indian SaaS Industry now revolves around deep tech, cybersecurity, defence, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning. While other regions are not as excited about SaaS products, the opportunities for SaaS are very …

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