Data Reduction in Preparation for Lightweight Machine Learning: Applied in Foreign Exchange Trading

1. Introduction The article is intended for both data scientists and ordinary software developers. In general data-scientists work with statistical methods of processing data, use Python programming language, and run tasks on cloud CPUs together with GPU/TPUs (Graphics Processing Units/Tensor-flow Processing Units). In contrast, I am a programmer, emphasize on …

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Cloud Home Automation Series:Part 3 Create web-client in Node-RED to control ESP32 from Web

Welcome to SIMPLE LEARNING AWS Cloud Home Automation, Zero to Hero Series. In the third part, we are going to create a web-endpoint that will trigger remote execution in ESP32 by securely switching ON/OFF the ESP32 inbuilt led from a website hosted in Node-RED . Before starting, let’s do a recap, in Part 1, we have …

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Compete on Data Analytics using Spring Cloud Data Flow

Data Driven Being data-driven is one of the most essential prerequisite for any organisation to achieve the desired digital transformation. In this regard, firms have started treating their data as assets and adjusting their strategies to emphasise them. The survey comprised of several c-level technology and business executives representing large …

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